Corporate policy

The following company policy for quality, environment and energy is a binding guideline for our entrepreneurial activity and is valid for all employees.

Dedicated, responsible and technically savvy employees are the prerequisite and foundation of our success. We continuously promote qualifications, quality awareness and responsibility for environmental and energy issues through education, training and everyday life at all levels.

Our management system for our sites is described in this manual to define responsibilities and standards and to ensure continuous improvement. The executive board has appointed a Management Representative who is responsible for the initiation and implementation of the quality, environmental and energy management system.

We are committed to complying with all regulations, legislation and requirements. We are also committed to the respectful treatment of employees, suppliers and customers (i.e. no discrimination, coercion, bribery or corruption, etc.) as a matter of course.

Together with the supervisory authorities, we take precautions to minimize the risk of accidents. In addition to the legal and regulatory requirements, we work systematically to reduce emissions and waste on a continuous basis and in an environmentally friendly manner specifically in consideration of energy-efficient production methods. To that end, improvement management is a permanent pillar of the company.

We have a decisive influence on the quality, environmental compatibility and efficient use of energy in our production processes and products. Through clear guidelines and effective project management in the development process, we ensure that quality, environmental, sustainability, social and energy concerns are considered and taken into account prior to production.

The quality of our products and the environmental compatibility of our production also depends on our suppliers. We therefore require that our suppliers strictly comply with our specifications for the delivered products. We support our suppliers in pursuit of common quality, environmental and energy goals.

We see identified errors and risks as an opportunity for improvement. Anyone who recognizes a quality defect or an environmental risk and is unable to correct it within his or her authority must immediately report it to his or her supervisor.

We work closely with our customers, advise and support them on the use of our products and provide information on environmental concerns.

We are committed to the “Code of Conduct” of the German textile and fashion industry and we strive to set standards for successful, environmentally friendly, sustainable, social and energy-efficient economic activities. Reaching our quality, environmental and energy targets is a managerial responsibility of the highest order. Our quality, environmental and energy policies are binding.

The company policy is accessible to every employee.

Andreas Merkel

Company management

Code of Conduct

We are committed to the “Code of Conduct” of the German textile and fashion industry.