Look into the material box

The area of ​​application of your textile product decisively determines the use of fibers. Functional synergy effects can also be created through clever blends. We would be happy to advise you which material is best suited for your application.

Ask us about branded and special fibers!

Vegetable fibers

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 | Cotton
 | Kapok
 | Hemp
 | Jute 
 | Linen

Branded regenerated cellulose fibers

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| LENZING™ Viscose 

| LENZING™ Modal
| LENZING™ Modal Micro
| LENZING™ Modal Micro Air
| LENZING™ Modal Color
| LENZING™ Lyocell
| LENZING™ Lyocell A100
| LENZING™ Lyocell Micro A 100
| LENZING™ Lyocell LF
| LENZING™ Lyocell Micro LF


| Tencel C (Lyocell)
| Tencel R100 (Lyocell)
| Lenzing MicroModal Low pill

| DANUFIL® Deep Dye (Viskose)
| VILOFT® (Viskose)
| Sunshine Eco (Viskose)

| SeaCell™ (Modal)
| SeaCell™ (Lyocell)
| smartcel™ sensitive (Lyocell)

| Cell Solution® CLIMA (Lyocell)

Technical fibers

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| Elastane

| High-tenacity polyester

| Viscose FR

| PVA (on request)

| Meta-aramid (on request)
| Para-aramid (on request)

| Antistatic fibers (on request)