"Spinning yarns is our passion."

Truly, it is. On the one hand, very traditionally, yarns made from high-quality natural fibers. On the other hand, tailor-made textile solutions that help to advance your product.
For us, visionary thinking and Swabian solidarity are not contradictory. In reality, it is a prerequisite for the other. This is the only way we can develop future-oriented, individual solutions for you - and at the same time be a partner who will also experience this future with you.


Principles & values

We live for textiles with passion and with reason. Find out what we stand for and what makes us special.


Corporate policy

The following company policy for quality, environment and energy is a binding guideline for our entrepreneurial activity and is valid for all employees.


Quality & service

For us, quality is not a coincidence but the result of more than 100 years of experience and continuous improvement. Our drive is your trust and satisfaction.



We live a firmly anchored quality and environmental awareness. Established management systems and certifications bear testimony to this.


Awards & prizes

We are proud of the awards we have received for our creative ideas and social commitment. As an innovative manufacturer of textiles we will continue to set ambitious goals in the future, assume responsibility and offer you top-quality high-tech solutions.


Customer voices

We can tell you a lot. However, hearing it from our satisfied partners is the best way to find out how good the cooperation with us truely is. At this point, some of them have their say. See for yourself.