"Principle according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate, be made available again in the future". This is how the dictionary explains the word sustainability. We see this as the cornerstone for longevity and permanence. Our current efforts include:

  • Numerous energy saving and energy efficiency projects with the goal of being CO2 neutral in 2035.
  • Compliance with waste water limits according to ZDHC and OEKO-TEX STeP Detox to Zero (read more about our certificates)
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Supply Chain Act
  • Commitment to the Code of Conduct of the German Textile and Fashion Industry Association (more about our corporate policy)
  • Membership in Ulmer Initiativkreis nachhaltige Wirtschaftsentwicklung e.V., Projekt recot² and Dietenheim zieht an (more about our corporate social responsibility)

Recycling rate


Self-produced electricity

10.000 kWh/a

CO2 emissions
(since 1998)


Equity ratio

> 1%


Production and resources

Our métier, yarn production, is at the beginning of the textile chain. Only the fiber comes before it. Therefore, its "how" and "where from" are of central interest to us.


Measures and results

Being satisfied with what has been achieved does not correspond to our nature. Fortunately, sustainability has a lot to do with "staying on it".


External examinations

'For us, an examination - actually is no longer an examination.' This statement comes from our technical manager. Test situations do not unsettle him or us. Probably because we are very strict with ourselves.


Environmental management

Everything is in order. Our specially appointed management representative takes care of that.


Social Responsibility

Every company bears a social responsibility (CSR). As a family business, we have a special role to play in our home region, which we want to fulfill out of conviction.