Innovation workshop

You wish, we spin.

What is your textile vision about? What do you wish for? We are curious about your boldest textile dreams.

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Enough material for textile visions.

In order to make visions come true, we rely on a mixture of solid craftsmanship, technical imagination and tinkering spirit. Our technicians are just as adept at operating a ring spinning machine as they are at perfecting experimental machines. On several occasions, this combination of experience and curiosity has provided the twist needed to turn a wild idea into a tangible textile solution.


The yarn that technical textiles are made of.

What leaves our technical spinning mill in Balzheim is high-tech: we spin meta-aramid fibers, antistatic and conductive fibers into yarns that protect and can even save lives. Or, in the case of our spun-dyed yarns, are exceptionally colorfast.

We have a firm place in regional technology chains. Our goal is to expand it further.

If you want to stay good, you have to always get better.

In our spinning mill we only use highly modern ring spinning machines and we work with the latest dyeing equipment in our dyeing plant. By using the latest production equipment, we create a basis for the quality and sustainability of our own products.


We are breaking new ground in textiles. Do you want to join?

Whoever cooperates benefits. The joint development of yarn qualities with our customers and the exchange with the world's leading fiber manufacturers, research institutes and machine manufacturers are the cornerstones for the continuous improvement and further development of our products. By working with our partners, we react flexibly to new market requirements and thus secure our future together. Let our experienced project engineers advise you.

Board together, take off together.

We develop and implement sophisticated textile solutions with the aim of making you successful. Our innovative products often form the basis for a creative idea or a new process. We support you with our comprehensive specialist knowledge and marketing services for your point of sale.


A little success story to think about.

Take our yarn innovation Piumafil, a yarn made from a kapok-cotton blend. Kapok is considered the lightest natural fiber in the world, six times lighter than cotton, and was long considered unspinnable. The fluffy fibers whirled around our ears a few times, too, quite literally. To tame the fiber from the kapok fruit into a yarn, we developed an adapted spinning process. The result of our tinkering is Piumafil: it consists of 85 percent organic cotton and 15 percent kapok fiber. Sounds like not much kapok? Not at all: If you look at the volume ratio instead of the classic mass ratio, the mixture is 50:50. Or put more vividly: One kilo of feathers and one kilo of steel weigh exactly the same. However, the feathers need significantly more space to put this weight on the scales.