Why us?

You are born to become Otto employee. That may be true if you consider that some colleagues are already the third generation in the company. To convince everyone else, we have valid factual arguments.

Otto by conviction

Sometimes, there seems to be no way around a career at Gebr. Otto: Wolfgang Kunzmann, for example. Among other things, he is responsible for the honey that Otto customers and partners have been able to enjoy at Christmas. He is the second generation in his family to work at Gebr. Otto. Wolfgang Kunzmann's father worked in the locksmithery and lent a hand wherever a skilled hand was needed. His son started at our company when he retired more than three decades ago.

We could tell more stories like this. But because not everyone grew up with "the Otto" and dyeing factory in the city center, we will concentrate on the factual reasons.


We are leaders in our field.

Gebr. Otto is one of the leading spinning mills in Europe. Our yarns are the DNA of fine outerwear from world-famous brands. They nestle against delicate baby skin or save lives.


We are family

Rooted in Dietenheim, in an owner-managed family business, we are more than a team. We are part of the family. As such, we work and celebrate together: at summer and christmas parties, at suckling pig dinners and other social events. Occasionally we do sports together, preferably for a good cause.

We are a Gallic village.

"Normally, you shouldn't even exist any more!" We can confirm this sentence, because we are extremely lively. We regularly come up with innovative textile solutions, invest in our employees and in state-of-the-art machinery. We are a valued player in the regional textile industry and an integral part of everyday life in Dietenheim. The chances are therefore good that you can continue to rely on us in the future.


We are never satisfied.

Maintaining top performance requires training and fresh impulses. That's why we continue our education: in further training courses at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the textile associations. In-house, we share our knowledge with our colleagues in regular training sessions. We work together with experts, with various universities, the DITF and bring in expert advice when needed. We are a valued sparring partner for leading companies in the field of textile mechanical engineering.

We live and experience appreciation.

Gebr. Otto employees receive holiday and Christmas bonuses, as well as a profit bonus. The subsidy for the company pension scheme and capital-forming benefits are just as much a part of our benefits as free work clothing. We pay our trainees an allowance for their driving licence and for travel costs to vocational school. We also provide low-cost accommodation in an Otto shared flat.